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So combining breath-taking entertainers and brand ambassadors with the ever-evolving and thrilling worlds of marketing and leisure was a natural fit.

What Stellaria Creative Company offers as an experiential marketing group:

Engagement Marketing/Branding : fees start at $450/day*

Brand Ambassadors for corporate events and parties; festivals and fairs; conventions and trade shows; grand celebrations; and other charges, you name it! Utilizing our talents in human engagement with our knowledge and passion for the companies that we represent, Stellaria creates brand awareness through cirque, dance and other live performance elements (mermaids, anyone?) that leaves audiences wanting so much more.

Special Events : fees start at $2,500*

Stemming from Stellaria Creative Company's background in live show production, our team are experts in planning and executing special events that vary from traditional musical theatre to immersive cirque elements illustrating the client's purpose off the stage. Fundraisers, corporate gatherings, outings, a public unveiling, we've got it covered (or uncovered, rather). Weather it's delivering a message through promotion of a product or service, introducing a new concept in your company, or unveiling an invention, we've got the most unique group of marketing professionals in the industry.

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Stellaria's YouTube Channel


“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

Make an impact and a statement with your brand to leave customers, clients and potential fans in awe and buzzing. To do this, the strategy and approach must be unique and innovative. Read on to learn about how we do this...


“However beautiful the strategy,you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

1. Relate in a real way on a human level to your current and potential customers through attention-grabbing performance and immersive entertainment that acts as an ice-breaker for true human connection.

2. Get clear about your message and to who receives it: "Do work that matters for people who care," Seth Godin.

3. Design and elegance goes a LONG way and can be studied via competition and what's trending now. Position your product or service where it will be seen and used.

4. Reconnect with humans to measure the results; your brand is your message to clients so let's make sure it's identifiable to your customers so they may connect with you organically.


5. Take notes on progress and developments because in the end all people want is to be heard and seen.

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“My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy”

William Shakespeare

Provided Stellaria's origins in super stellar entertainment and production (pun intended!), it's not hard to market creatively and position ourselves interestingly to our clients and potential clients. Here are a few graphics that we have used to promote Stellaria, our events and shows.

Here's a small gallery featuring some of our past experiential events & clients to check out ...

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