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Some of our past clients include...

As the business owner of Aerial Arts Santa Cruz, Jeanette took her engagement and experiential marketing background and applied it regularly to AASC marketing strategies. Here are multiple examples of experiential tactics used to promote the aerial acrobatics studio from 2013 through 2016 during a plethora of street fairs, festivals and parades.

Jeanette launched Stellaria Creative Company (formerly Stellaria Entertainment & Production) early 2013, right before starting Aerial Arts Santa Cruz. She simultaneously ran both businesses with more emphasis on AASC in the beginning. After selling the studio in 2016, Jeanette focused on Stellaria and re-branded after exposure to mixing experiential marketing with interactive performance art. These images are from Stellaria's own self-promotion and marketing tactics.

  • Hired on contract by All Wheel Sports, Jeanette helped to cast acrobats for Great America's 2019 Halloween Haunt season.

  • Jeanette performed atop her lollipop lyra while perched on a shipping crate in the area of the park called "Blood Yard."

  • Jeanette and her aerialist counterpart from Blood Yard would stay after shows to interact and photo-op with guests. 

  • Stellaria Creative Company has worked with Roaring Camp Railroads many times as atmospheric entertainment during festivals; hosting staged shows and productions in the Bret Hart Hall; and as interactive characters onboard the train (New Year's Train 2019 and Valentine's Day 2020).

  • After admiring Jeanette's work at the Santa Cruz Children's Museum (see below) during 2018, the Capitola Mall hired her for multiple events spanning 2018 through 2020.

  • Jeanette helped to plan the Bunny Hop 2019 event; Miracle on 41st St. 2019 event; the large Christmas tree in the center of the water fountain at the entrance to the Capitola Mall; as well as the actual Santa set for photos near the Food Court, all in 2019 (all images in gallery to right).

  • Jeanette was commissioned to help entertain guests during the Capitola Mall's 2018 Miracle on 41st St. event by performing aerial performances near the Food Court (all images in gallery to right).

  • Jeanette performed twice per year at Cabrillo College's annual spring and fall carnivals from 2017 - 2019 as a source of engagement and interactive marketing, as well as atmospheric entertainment.

  • Assessed and suggested the creation of a Facebook event page with associated advertising, which boosted sales 10% in one day.

  • Event promotion on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) before the event -- 4 impressions per month.

  • Engagement Marketing before the event through flyering and speaking to targeted demographics.

  • Engagement Marketing used during the event ("crowd hype" to set the tone of the day).

  • Helped to raise over $6,000 for a singular event weekend in the museum.

  • Put the museum in a forward-facing position to other businesses in the area.

  • Redesigned all Print Marketing Collateral (brochure, flyers, etc.) for consisting branding.

  • Made daily social media impressions and campaigns that helped grow the museum's following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and generate interaction.

  • Engagement Marketing and Feedback Loop initiated multiple times in the form of contests, interactive exhibits and direct-to-consumer questionnaires.

  • Initiated analytics and data spreadsheets to capture the museum's statistics and facts for future Marketing uses.

  • Organized an entirely new section of said Integrated Marketing techniques for the museum to easily maintain from one source rather than fragmented over various marketing channels.

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