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Stellaria Titles

Stellaria Creative Company is interested in publishing innovative musical theatre scripts, graphic novels and comic books that exemplify honest, insightful and progressive messages through authentic storytelling.

What does all of that mean?

Stellaria company's ethos is rooted in equality for all; compassion among humans and a kindness towards the natural Earth. "Pivoting" the company in 2020 to include the seedlings of production (publishing), Stellaria has committed to telling the stories of those authors and playwrights who believe that we need massive change and healing on a global scale, as well as those brazen and daring enough to do something about it. Be it your script, your graphic novel or/and your comic book/series, if you are this author, then please submit below! We've been waiting      for you.

Psssttt... Want to know the best part about being a Stellaria author? If you'd like to see your work produced for the stage, immersive and/or site-specific, that's right up our alley and the trade that we began with. Just some food for thought!

Interested in Submitting Your Unpublished Graphic Novel and/or Musical Script?

Please fill out the form below.

Authors, please prepare to submit the following:

  • Query letter - using the form below

  • Book outline - using the form below

  • Sample chapters (no more than two, please) - please upload

  • Marketing plan (w/any endorsements from prominent figures) - please upload

Author Submission Form
Sample Chapters
Marketing Plan

Thanks for submitting!

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