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... involving or based on experience and observation.

So combining breath-taking entertainers and brand ambassadors with the ever-evolving and thrilling worlds of marketing and leisure was a natural fit.

What Stellaria Creative Company offers as an experiential marketing group:

Engagement Marketing/Branding : fees start at $450/day*

Brand Ambassadors for corporate events and parties; festivals and fairs; conventions and trade shows; grand celebrations; and other charges, you name it! Utilizing our talents in human engagement with our knowledge and passion for the companies that we represent, Stellaria creates brand awareness through cirque, dance and other live performance elements (mermaids, anyone?) that leaves audiences wanting so much more.

Special Events : fees start at $2,500*

Stemming from Stellaria Creative Company's background in live show production, our team are experts in planning and executing special events that vary from traditional musical theatre to immersive cirque elements illustrating the client's purpose off the stage. Fundraisers, corporate gatherings, outings, a public unveiling, we've got it covered (or uncovered, rather). Whether it's delivering a message through promotion of a product or service, introducing a new concept in your company, or unveiling an invention, we've got the most unique group of marketing professionals in the industry.

Social Media : fees start at $25/hour*

Stellaria Creative Company was born in the social media era and has helped create a large following for many of our clients, including our own. Utilizing specific hashtags, image impressions and trending topics, Stellaria understands what generates interest and converts browsers to buyers, scanners to readers, and watchers to doers.

Data Analytics & Tracking : please contact for specifics and rates*

"Jeanette'll take care of this one." Founder of Stellaria Creative Company, Jeanette has spent her entire adult life curating a movement following in dance, aerial and even the French language all along the East and West coasts of the U.S. in addition to the East and West coasts of Mexico, not to mention Turks and Caicos and France. This takes organization like none other. Combined with her background in journalism and marketing, and mixed into her expertise as a dance and aerial movement artist, teacher and entrepreneur, Jeanette knows creation, organization, delivery and execution. Just check out her resume and past clients here. (Psssttt!! Her new favorite thing is AI and the inner workings of Silicon Valley, which is her buddy and neighbor, so stay tuned for some fun tech-inspired infusions).

Print Content & Collateral : fees start at $25/hour*

Again, Jeanette's got this. She learned at the ripe age of 12 that she was going to go into print journalism as an adult, and lo and behold she graduated California State University, Long Beach with a major in print journalism and two minors in French and international studies. But wait! Don't forget the emphasis in dance (she hates when people forget that). Needless to say that her decades of experience in magazine publication work, namely as managing, production, city and copy editors, have landed her comfortably in print design and content. This is in addition to running her own business for four years, selling it and focusing on Stellaria. It's all like second nature to her.

Wanting more? Check out our Branding & Strategy tactics, or browse our Content to see the lasting impressions we've made in the past.

* Because each activation is unique, please contact Jeanette at for specific details and rates.

Here's a small gallery of our past clients to check out ...

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