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Jeanette Bent Bio Short:

Stellaria Creative Company is the brainchild of Jeanette Bent and her over two decades of storytelling through traditional and neo forms of writing and performance art. Bent has a keen eye for site-specific, guerrilla, and immersive storytelling, as well as a love of literacy. She has published three books, ten musical theatre scripts, and thousands of blog posts and articles, as well as performed globally in thousands of international outlets for the stage and screen. Bent fuses all facets of storytelling under Stellaria Creative Company. Read more about the eclectic Jeanette on the Artistic Director page.

Jeanette Bent Bio Long:

Jeanette has been an international performance artist in dance, aerial and pole acrobatics, as well as acting on stage and screen for 25 years with credits like SuperBowl XXXVII; the NBA Summer Pro League; California's Great America; the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk; Club Med; Club Maeva; Budweiser’s “The Perfect Match” commercial; Everclear’s “Be Careful What You Ask For” music video; Timbaland’s “Hands Up In The Air” music video; Franklin & Bash's season 2 finale; and Nickelback’s “Trying Not To Love You” music video, under her belt. She has also competed in seven west coast aerial and/or pole competitions, having medaled in five of them.

Jeanette has also worked as a professional writer and DJ for multiple print publications and radio stations, respectively, receiving her bachelor's degree in print journalism, dance, international studies and French from California State University, Long Beach in 2007. Jeanette's love of literacy and storytelling has led her to publish three books, ten musical theatre scripts, and thousands of blog posts and articles.


In 2013, Jeanette opened up her own aerial and pole studio in Santa Cruz, California, which received elevated press from the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Good Times Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Style Magazine and KSCO radio station, as well as hosted many Stellaria show originals and works from other creative directors, including being an official venue of the 3rd Annual Santa Cruz Fringe Festival.

Jeanette sold her studio at the end of 2016 to concentrate fully on scaling Stellaria Creative Company, which became the brainchild of Jeanette and her over two decades of storytelling. Stellaria Creative Company fuses traditional and neo forms of writing and performance art, often times borrowing elements of site-specific, guerrilla marketing, and immersive storytelling.

In addition to Stellaria Creative Company, which focuses on every aspect of storytelling from publication to production, Jeanette also runs a team of entertainers and acrobats for those gigs seeking entertainment only (to read more about the entertainers, please visit


To read more about Jeanette as a performance artist, please visit JeanetteBent.Rocks, and JeanettePrather.Rocks to view her writing background and portfolio.

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