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The Stellaria Experience provides cruise lines, resorts and theme parks an all-inclusive approach to entertainment and marketing. Our "show packages" include not only originally drafted and curated stage and/or ambient shows, but an integrated entertainment experience for travel guests as well as engagement marketing strategies provided by our unique team of brand ambassadors.

Feel free to browse our collection of show packages, but please keep in mind that we customize each package to meet our Travel Client's specific needs. For example, some of our clients may prefer more emphasis on the stage/ambient show, whereas different clients may want to highlight various products and services with our brand ambassadors.

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Cruise Ships

Create your entertainment & marketing package tailored to your organization's goals. We offer stage shows and integrated on-board entertainment with brand ambassadors promoting the various services and products sold on ship.

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Having produced many shows for various resort companies around the world, Stellaria's expertise about the unique needs of resorts and hotels abroad offers much in the way of integrating entertainment with marketing.

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Theme Parks & Parades

With literally hundreds of performances in theme parks, parades and festivals around the world, Stellaria understands the ins and outs of "state park" performing and takes into consideration the elements, demographics of visitors and performance objectives.

The Stellaria Experience


Stage-only Entertainment

(Script Package)



This option is competitive with market rates and other industry standards, and includes the script to one of Stellaria's original aerial/acrobatic shows; all corresponding production notes and materials; rights and licensing; as well as musical elements. We create scripts per request as well.

Immersive Entertainment

(Ambassador Package)



This option includes an on-ship (cruise lines) or in-house (resorts and theme parks) crew of 4 Brand Ambassadors for the duration of the trip (cruise ships), 1 week for theme parks, or 2 weeks for resorts (please contact Jeanette for specifics). Brand Ambassadors will promote the various products and services on board and/or within resort/theme park. When requesting this package, please specify if this is a themed cruise or would like to focus on a theme for the destination. For resorts and theme parks, please indicate whether there is an event or theme during requested week(s).

Immersive & Stage Entertainment

(Show Package):



This option includes both the Ambassador Package as well as the Script Package. In addition to a full original stage production and its corresponding materials, this package offers the on-board or in-house specific engagement marketing and promotional elements for the organization's various products and services for the duration of cruise, 1 week (theme parks) or 2 weeks (resorts).




Now that you've gotten a taste of what the Stellaria Experience can provide for your guests, we'd love to discuss tailoring your perfect experience! Please contact Jeanette at or 831.440.6422

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