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Thank you for your fun and energetic style. Your crew was amazing. I love working with you to come up with event magic!!

Heather Troy, Event Coordinator at
Roaring Camp Railroads, 2019

On behalf of the SV Chamber, I want to thank you for Stellaria’s participation in this year’s festival.  You and your performers are awesome and everybody enjoys watching you.  For me personally, I appreciate how easy it is to work with you.  You are professional, super nice, and no stress.  I know we will want you back next year so let’s stay in touch.

Joe Bac, Scott's Valley Chamber of Commerce, 2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! That was so beautiful!!!!! And the breakdown was awesome!!! 4 minutes and 30 seconds!!

Andrea Sanchez, Jubilee Christian Center, 2017

Working with the Stellaria crew on the Bellasphere Aerial Musical gives my musical heart a place to feel fully self-expressed and supported as an artist. The ease and grace in which the cast and crew work with us developing the music fills my daily life with engagements of joy and harmony. Thanks you all for being in the Inner-Atainment industry as much as you all are in the entertainment one.

Amanda Rose Loveland, Professional Freelance Composer, 2017

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did for my daughter’s engagement party! I had a vision and you were able to execute it to the T! You went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly and it was such a beautiful surprise! You have a beautiful soul and your love and passion absolutely shows in your work! Can’t thank you enough!

Dalia Sileem Naguib, Flash Mob client, 2017

Looking forward to working with you guys again!!

Frank Luna, City of Dublin, 2016

We love having Stellaria perform at our events!

We saw Stellaria Entertainment one weekend and then decided to book them for our event one month later.

Rachel Kaufman, City of Santa Cruz, 2016

Kristy Mae, Legends Theatrical, 2016

Big, big, big thank you for a great flash mob yesterday! My fiancé (yay!!!) loved it and it was just perfect. She told me last night that she has always wanted someone to give her a flash mob surprise - so I guess I did it right :)

Again - just great. Everyone who couldn't be there is asking for the video. And I can't remember anything more than music, the 7s so cleverly incorporated and shaking!! 😊

Tina Logan, Flash Mob client, 2016
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