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How Immersive and Interactive Theatre Works to Engage Audiences

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

People today are constantly looking for immersive experiences that they can share with their friends and family. Interactive theatre events provide a unique opportunity to engage an audience of all ages, because the immersive environment can foster new connections between people in ways that traditional forms of entertainment cannot. This article explores how immersive and interactive theatre works to generate audience engagement and retention through live performance, storytelling, aerial arts, and more!

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- create-your-own-ending

The immersive experience of live theatre can keep patrons engaged by forcing them to make decisions for the story and being active participants in it. And Wild Maroon is particularly unique because it's not only immersive, but also a create-your-own ending show! With multiple ending choices, the audience will get to determine their own outcomes.

It is no coincidence that immersive experiences are often used as a form of entertainment, such as at amusement parks or theme parks like Disneyland where you find yourself immersed into different worlds from which there's no exit until you leave the area.

For immersive theatre, the viewer is surrounded by a story in all directions. The audience becomes an active participant and engages with performers "on stage" as well as other members of the crowd. This heightened sense of reality draws audiences closer to live entertainment and provides them with perspectives they might not otherwise have had access to.

Compared to traditional performance spaces, immersive and interactive theatre often offers more visceral experiences.

- This type of immersive performance generally includes the audience in some way, instead of passively watching from a distance away on stage. For example, with immersive theatre you might be sitting at a table or walking through an environment as part of the performance, as is the case with Wild Maroon.

- Interactive performances allow for audience members to be a significant part of the show. This create-your-own-ending experience allows the audience to finish writing their own show experience!

The immersive and interactive theatre industry is expanding at an exponential rate, fueled by a desire to tell immersive stories. Immersive storytelling can be delivered in many formats; live performance, video installations or even theatrical productions like aerial dance (i.e. Wild Maroon).

Have you ever wanted to be a part of an immersive show?

Wild Maroon is an interactive aerial musical show and event that will take place at the Scotts Valley Cultural Arts Center on October 22 and 23. You'll get to experience what it's like to fly through the air, dance with performers, and interact with the show installations. This Kickstarter ( is for our base budget so we can make this dream come true for everyone!

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