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The NEW Silver Lining Era Begins

Finally coming to fruition in December of 2022, the collective has (mostly) traversed the darkness and bushwhacked a handful of apocalyptic transformations like a viscous disease, a pandemic, global economic crisis', and national disasters, to name a few. We're ready for the light.

And while we won't be living wholly in the "love currency" quite yet, speculations from many astrologers have garnered 2023 and the entering of Pluto into Aquarius, 'the true Aquarian Age.' After such a turbulent preface to this time on Earth that we live, it comes as a beautiful relief -- such a gift -- that we are to embark on this wonderful new era of humanity; enlightenment and ascension.

Not quite in the Eutopia yet, but certainly on the 'light' (right) trajectory with human awakening and a global crisis acknowledgement by most of us, hope in a New Silver Lining awaits for the human kind.

Read more about what Stellaria Creative Company founder and director, Jeanette Bent (penname Prather), wrote in an article about the coming of age, Gen C-ers' (acronym for 'Generation Coronavirus') turning 18 around 2035 -- the article was written in 2021.

Next up, we have the most current print and e-book (the culmination of the story of a young woman over an 18-year journey) available here (e-book) and INCREDIBLY SOON for print.

Want to pre-order a print book? Please email

Want a snippet from the book about the book? Read on.

I am but one in a cohort of modern 20- to 40-year-old women sent here to save Gaia. We, the high priestesses of Avalon, are to raise the vibration of Earth and usher Her into the 5D. We will do this through the healing of self and then the healing of others, recognizing each as one in the same; all of us former lost children calling ourselves back home into wholeness, here, now. We are the bearers of the Children of the Sun and we surrender to the Goddess. Her subtle dark whispers that beckon us into our own underworlds and usher us into our own shadow parts. We then do Her bidding, shedding off eons of patriarchal toxicity. Unbinding ourselves and the world from a fallen Babylon.

She looks like your sisters, your mothers, your cousins and your daughters. She is here and She is everywhere. All of us reclaiming and calling back our magic after being thrust into the shadows and accused of evil witchcraft. Us, witches of the past healing the trauma from centuries of persecution, are here to do the work of the dark feminine, often misunderstood as evil or bad. But that is not true, for what permeates in the silent dark are the seedlings of the future. Here to cultivate the fertile magic of Gaia’s future, We will rise through the chaos and destruction like the Phoenix from the ashes, bringing with us the secret of ascension into the 5D. And We will do this by whatever means necessary, a promise made to the Universe, to Source, since the beginning of the cosmos.

Us, former high priestesses of Avalon, former witches and the callers of the dark feminine, will be the way of the future and the saviors of Earth. Hear Her calls and surrender to the quiet dark where your magic can truly percolate and manifest. Here, in this dark silence We will be reborn. As above, so below.

Blessed be,


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